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Professional Development with ABE Faculty in Mind


The Faculty Innovation and Effective Learning and Development (FIELD) program is dedicated to providing support, structure, and assistance to the faculty of the Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) program.  ABE faculty are exceptionally experienced professionals in the field, reaching and teaching adult learners in a unique accelerated format.  Even though ABE Faculty are among the best, the profession of teaching is sometimes challenging, especially with the multitudes of technology, pedagogies, theories, paradigms, strategies, and more.  Altogether, it can be difficult to know where to start.  FIELD helps to make sense of it all.  Through programs, workshops, collaborations, observations, and more, FIELD provides ABE Faculty with the resources and knowledge to turn the scholarship of teaching and learning into evidence-based practice in the classroom.

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Leadership and Programs

A peer review of our institution with the Council for Accelerated Programs (CAP) identified the need for a Director of Faculty Development.  As of Fall 2013, a dedicated professional ready and willing to assist with all the above joined the Center for Adult Learning (CAL) team at Lincoln College-Normal.  Since August 2013, another round of ABE Certification has been completed, new workshops and webinars have been hosted, a Writing Work Group founded, and Recognition awarded to our outstanding faculty.  The FIELD program continues to grow with the advent of this web site and newsletter, FIELD Notes.

Be Outstanding in Your FIELD

Professional curriculum and independent workshops are continually being created and added to the program. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know via our Feedback page.  In the meantime, continue to return to this site to see what’s new, improving, and different about Lincoln College-Normal’s efforts to both Experience Outstanding and to “Be Outstanding in Your FIELD.”