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Our goal is to support all LCN ABE instructors from novices to experts. We offer individualized advice and assistance for faculty seeking to improve instruction. For this reason each consultation is customized, collaborative, and evidence-based.

  • Customized: Consultants focus on questions specific to individual teaching contexts, needs, and timeframes. Consultants will help you answer your questions by raising questions, providing feedback, and finding resources.
  • Collaborative: Consultants emphasize your expertise and collaborate with you to find instructional strategies that are effective for your unique teaching context.
  • Evidence-based: Consultants draw on insights from research on teaching and learning and bring to the consultation data that will help you make important decisions about teaching.

To arrange an appointment or consultation, call FIELD at 309-238-4904.

Common Instructional Consultation Topics


  • Course and syllabus (re-)design
  • Teaching small (<3 people) classes
  • Teaching with Technology
  • New teaching and learning approaches
    • delivering effective and dynamic lectures
  • Employing inclusive teaching strategies
    • engaging students in a particular topic
    • developing ways to evaluate student learning
  • Classroom management
    • Dealing with a challenging student
    • Responding to an uncomfortable classroom situation
  • Exploring ways to refresh and renew your enthusiasm for teaching.

Gather Student Feedback

  • Request a classroom observation
  • Arrange for a Midterm Class Interview
  • Collecting student feedback on your own
  • Examination of trends in student evaluations
  • Discuss your student ratings

Document Your Teaching / Professional Development

  • Plan for peer review
  • Teaching philosophy
  • Teaching portfolio
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)

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